About me

My name is Jaclyn Siegel, and I am a PhD candidate in social psychology at Western University, where I am the lab coordinator for Dr. Rachel Calogero's Stigma, Objectification, Bodies, and Resistance Lab. I am also a doctoral fellow in the Western Network for Economic and Social Trends.

My dissertation research centers on feminism as a social identity for young women and gender expansive people. Other streams of research I have explore body image and eating disorders, self- and sexual objectification, weight stigma, power and status, and sexist ideologies.

I use a range of methods to explore my various research interests: qualitative methods primarily, but also more traditional quantitative and experimental means. I am interested in Open Science, and I am sensitive to the uncomfortable intersection of feminist methods and open research. I am presently the lead editor on a special issue of Psychology of Women Quarterly, in which we explore this tension.

Outside of the lab, I am an avid yogi (RYT-200) and movie musical enthusiast. I love all things related to justice, cats, and baked goods.