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Jaclyn A. Siegel, PhD

Social Psychologist

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About Me


My name is Dr. Jaclyn Siegel, and I am a social psychologist based out of San Diego State University, where I presently work as a postdoctoral research scholar. At SDSU, I am the project director for the PRIDE Body Project, an R01 NIH-funded clinical trial of an eating disorders prevention program for sexual minority men. I love the work I do and the amazing team beside me.

My research focuses on the intersections between gender, culture, bodies, and sexuality. Some topics I study include: eating disorders, sexual objectification, sexual violence, sexual desire, weight stigma, and sexist attitudes.

I am also a bit of a methods and ethics nerd, and I have written and presented on topics related to qualitative methods, participant rights, and open science. I am a regular reviewer for academic journals, and I sit on the editorial boards at Psychology of Women Quarterly, Psychology of Men and MasculinitiesSex Roles, and Body Image.



I have three primary streams of research: body image and eating disorders, gender and sexuality, and research ethics and methodology.


Teaching is one of my great joys. My teaching philosophy is informed by feminist pedagogy, and I strive to create safe, fun spaces in my classrooms.


I have been fortunate to mentor the greatest students in the world. I know, it seems unlikely that these students are the best in the whole world. But they are.

Check back soon!
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